June 14th, 2018

SGTi Graduates Plug and Play-Fashion for Good Accelerator

Dale on stage pitching.

After 3 months in Amsterdam, SGTi graduated from the accelerator today. The innovation festival was a blast, and we enjoyed catching up with some of the corporate partners, as well as meeting new ones.

Throughout the program, a very valuable thing for us has been talking to the corporate partners about our solution, finding more about their problems and using that to refine our solution to better address industry needs.

Equally valuable was feedback on how our technology will fit with existing retail experiences, be they brick & mortar or online, but also innovative retail experiences that the team at SGTi would never have thought of, but that our technology can enable.

May 15th, 2018

SGTi Attends Innovation Forum at Copenhagen Fashion Summit

SGTi's minimalist booth at the Copenhagen Fashion Summit. Credit: Copenhagen Fashion Summit.

SGTi was invited to participate in the Innovation Forum at the Copenhagen Fashion Summit and we eagerly accepted. What better venue to both learn more about what the industry is doing and also let the industry learn more about us?

We spent a busy two days sharing our solution and our problems with many people at the innovation forum. We got great feedback on our solution, and everyone seemed to have a new niche that we hadn’t thought about that our knitwear technology could address. We also heard some creative suggestions to how to solve some of our problems.

Overall, we had many great conversations and made some great connections. We’ll definitely be attending the Copenhagen Fashion Summit again if we have the opportunity.

April 17th, 2018

SGTi Pitches at the European Technology Platform Textile Start-up Summit

Beautiful knitwear.

As part of SGTi’s participation in the Plug and Play-Fashion for Good accelerator, we were invited to participate in and pitch at the European Technology Platform’s Textile Start-up Summit in Brussels. Dale made the trip to Brussels, and pitched to the group of assembled representatives from many companies, researchers and other startups in the textiles space.

The pitch went well, but it was really the networking after the pitch that was the most valuable. Dale made many contacts and valuable connections with manufacturers of not just apparel but other textiles, which was valuable input for the non-apparel applications of SGTi’s technology to look into in the future. SGTi’s innovative knitting technology may have applications in upholstery, geo-textiles and home-textiles.

Some of the most valuable feedback and discussion occurred with other startups after the pitches had concluded. Sharing common issues, potential avenues for funding and the differences between North America and Europe were very insightful. We look forward to participating in similar events in the future.

March 19th, 2018

SGTi in Plug and Play-Fashion for Good Accelerator!

Some of the participating startups.

SGTi was invited to participate in the Plug and Play-Fashion for Good accelerator after our pitch at selection day. Of course we accepted, as we aim to make better fitting clothing while lowering the staggering amount of waste generated by the apparel industry, and this fits well with the accelerator’s goals.

We decided to send Dale initially so that Ian could focus on prototyping our innovative knitwear technology. Later, in mid May, Ian will join Dale for the accelerator.

The accelerator consists of mentoring, dealflows with the corporate partners, as well as workshops on topics ranging from pitching, to what ZDHC is doing, to investor roundtables, among many others.

We’re looking forward to the accelerator and are very excited to be participating.

February 9th, 2018

SGTi Pitches at Plug and Play-Fashion for Good Selection Day

Dale and Ian ready to pitch at Fashion for Good

SGTi was invited to pitch at the selection day for the Plug and Play-Fashion for Good accelerator in Amsterdam. The accelerator’s goal is to ...find and fund the technologies and business models that have the greatest potential to transform the industry for good, and our innovation certainly fits this goal.

We of course jumped at the opportunity to participate in such a prestigious program, and made plans to attend. We made our way to Amsterdam, Ian’s first European visit and Dale’s first time in Amsterdam, and spent some time taking in the sights. And then we pitched.

The pitch went great, we got great questions, and useful feedback during the evening networking sessions. After our time in Europe, we got back to Canada exhausted but invigorated from the enthusiastic reception of our manufacturing solution.

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