What we do

We're making clothing for the 21st century. We have designed and prototyped a robotic knitting machine to produce custom seamless knit garments in the size, material and style chosen by customers with minimal human finishing.


A future where all mainstream clothing production is on-demand and completely manufactured by machines.


To make high quality clothing that fits, on demand.


Take a closer look at the team.

Dale Floer


Passionate about making the world a better place and interested in making clothing more sustainable and better for everyone. Started developing software 20 years ago.

Ian Brown


Engineering grad turned FashionTech entrepreneur. Ian's years of side projects and growing fascination with 3D printing sparked an interest in custom clothing and on-demand manufacturing.

Matthew Danchuck

Industry Adviser

Specialist in emerging technology for fashion and textiles. Interests include on-demand clothing production, digital garment design and apparel manufacturing automation.

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